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Hayl Naw Hayl Naw

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Quality Polarbaerz

This track is another example of why Polahbaerz is the best musician on the entire website. This track not only shows that you wish be in a state of "Hell Nah" and "Shoo". The mastering is fantastic, and you clearly put a lot of effort into this. Honestly, the static at the end, clearly representing a socio-political statement towards our modern ways and how we view love. I was almost brought to tears by this enlightening track and it's subtle undertones of sorrow and grieving. Who hurt you, Polahbaerz, who hurt you? I will loudly proclaim "HELL NAH, SHOO" in remembrance of this brilliant symphony towards romance, society, and life itself. Thank you Polahbaerz. This was truly life changing and masterful.

DJPolahBaerz responds:


Dx_Trust in the Dough (ft. C3) Dx_Trust in the Dough (ft. C3)

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Dear fine fellow:

I see that you are possibly interested in receiving copious amounts of American currency. You are pardoned for being "too slang". I understand that the deprived wasteland that is Urban Society. I am here to outstretch an caring arm towards you, my dearest musical colleague, to come aboard my luxurious Gulfstream G650 Business Class Airliner. My busty attendants will take you towards perfection. However, within the confines of urban construction, you are clearly unrivaled. My dearest friend, we must go! We shall take to the blue air expansive, and we will partake in any luxury we desire. I bid you farewell, and a proper vote.

Your dearest friend and colleague,
Xayro Q. Seversky, Ph.D., Esquire

DISTRIX responds:

Pardon me, my fellow negro, if my language is too callous.

Have Some Fun (Original Mix) Have Some Fun (Original Mix)

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Love, your dearest friend,
Xayro Seversky

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ioneofmany responds:

Bahaha OHHHH MYY GODDDD!! Thanks for the epic caps-filled review. Lurve you too man!


i just wanna thank you i just wanna thank you

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Improvement is fantastic.

The composition here is good, and on par with most other jumpstyle tracks. I'm fairly impressed. The big complaint here is mixing and mastering. The track itself is clipping like crazy and it's distorting everything in the song.

Assuming you are using FL Studio, set every individual instrument in the song to a separate mixer track and adjust volume levels. Also put a master compressor on the master, it'll help a lot. Screw around with the master EQ a bit also.

However, as mixing and mastering is the absolute hardest part of being a producer, I can't take points off for that. The composition is awesome, other than I think the kick might be off-key, but I can't tell because of how distorted it is from the mixing/mastering.

Try to clean this song's technical things up, and it'll be perfect. I'm impressed my friend. Keep improving. You've got a lot of potential.

psycho-boy303 responds:

hehe thanks bro and i know =.= mastering is hard

"Dance Song" Preview "Dance Song" Preview

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"Yes the lead sound is from a sequence on nexus 2. Sounds lazy but I really enjoy the synth that it has."

10'd for this alone. Too many producers focus on "WHY THE HELL IS HE USING PRESETS. 0." but honestly, if a preset sounds good, and its just about what you were aiming for, especially in nexus where you can edit the synth hardly at all, use it! We payed for the VST, we can use it how we please. It's only wrong/lazy if you're doing it because you're too lazy to try to aim for what you want by fusing VSTs or tweaking your own with just one VST.

There is /no/ wrong method with music. What sounds right, is right. What sounds good, is good.

I have no actual complaints. The song is a little generic in flavor, but for what it is, its pretty good.


- Xayro Seversky

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momboom1 responds:

Thanks for the review mate. Yeah, I agree, the presets are there for you to use >.>, so why not use them?!? I also agree it's a little generic, but all my songs are. I focus on the quality of the music and sounding good (having a good lead, rhythm, etc.) more than I focus on beat inversions, intricate rhythms, etc.

You Make Me Ok You Make Me Ok

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Brings Me Back

Hah. I recognize that organ melody/sound in the back from a Backstreet Boys song from way back in the day (I want to say "We've got it Goin' On"?)

I love this. Keep it up.

Melancholy Heart Melancholy Heart

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So much potential

Ok, I love the vocalist. I usually claim that vocals are merely icing on the cake, but the vocals make this song, and the rest with him in it. Keep using him. He's fantastic for electro-pop.


vwvSTATICvwv responds:

I know man he's a diva! I actually feel bad that he doesn't have anyone else but me to work with. My programming skills are mediocre. He's out of my league!


Best Zelda Windmill Song RMX Best Zelda Windmill Song RMX

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Loving this

You're a freakin' master of hardstyle, my friend. May I ask what effect that is between :11 and :18 roughly? I've heard it before, and I've never been able to achieve it myself yet.

ephixa responds:

digital lo fi, I use the VST bit crusher. you can download it from my website if you want it

No 1 Can Stop Me - Hard Trance No 1 Can Stop Me - Hard Trance

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Fantastic Fusion

If anyone was to ever try to get on my good side, it'd be to do genre fusion and succeed. Guess what you've done. Flawlessly. This mixes hard dance, hardstyle, and trance almost flawlessly. Not quite as fusiony as, say, Jazz/Hard Dance or Punk/Hard Dance, but this is an incredible track. Keep this up. I'll be back for more.

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Rellika - Eternion Rellika - Eternion

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Good god.

my friend, this is spectacular. Please keep this up. From a fellow musician who shares this similar style (soft and hard combined), this almost brought tears to my eyes, which very little does. I expect to see more in the future.

- Xayro Seversky